Movies and Comparisons for Carrington Rotation 1918 and 1919

Here are some preliminary movies for our MHD model of the solar corona for Carrington rotation 1918 (January 5 - February 1, 1997) and 1919 (February 1 - March 1, 1997). These rotations are the ones prior to the March 9, 1997 Solar Eclipse. We used photospheric magnetic field data from the National Solar Observatory at Kitt Peak for the simulation of Carrington rotation 1918, and data from Wilcox Solar Observatory for the CR 1918/1919 simulation.

Movies: They work best with 24 bit color. If you have Mpeg_play and 24 bit color, use the "-dither color" option. For Sparkle on the Mac, set "play all frames" to on or frames may be be dropped.

Rotating Sun with polarization brightness (pb) (MPEG, 107 Kbytes) for Carrington rotation 1919.

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